My dear friends

due to the corona crisis the concerts I would do in Berlin, Salzburg, Tallinn and Hannover in March were all cancelled.


Also the dates in April, May and so on are cancelled or in stand by, waiting for news and updates from the venues.

I hope you all are safe. Stay home =)

Please scroll down to listen to my latest music releases

My latest release - Live at Ölberg-Kirche is out!

Since April 1st it is available on all the streaming platforms.

Recorded live on the concert The Fire In The Forest, it has 4 tracks that I composed and played alone on the piano.

The concert took place on the evening of October 29th, 2019, in Berlin - Kreuzberg.

My music Sunday 23 was released by Deutsche Grammophon, on January 31st.

Sunday 23 is now available on all the streaming services. Click here to listen to it on Spotify:

Or click here to listen on other platforms:


April -

29.04 - Berlin, Germany CANCELLED

08.04 - Berlin, Germany CANCELLED

March -

30.03 - Talliinn CANCELLED

21.03 - Salzburg, Austria CANCELLED

18.03 - Hannover, Germany CANCELLED

12.03 - Berlin, Germany

February -

26.02 Berlin - Orania




January -

22.01  Berlin - Medienboard


Dezember -

November -

Oktober -

29.10 The Fire In The Forest - Berlin @ Ölberg-Kirche




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