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Hi :)

I've heard you wanna come to my concert?

Unfortunately and really sadly I needed to postpone this concert to 2021.

As soon as I have a new date, I will let you know.
Thank you very much for your interest.
If you bought a ticket it is already valid for the new date of the concert.
If you want your money back, please write me at
1. Support me on Patreon:
2. Paypal:
(please don't forget to put your name and the concert time on the comments)
3. Bank transfer:
simply transfer 15 Euro to my bank account:
Berliner Sparkasse 
IBAN: DE41 1005 0000 1066 9649 78
then send me the receipt to with the time you are coming:  18:30 or  20:30.
You will receive a confirmation within a day.
From the box office, a minimum of at least 10% will be donated to a project / initiative that supports wild life and environment in Brazil.
There will be two sessions on the evening of November 12th:
one at 18:30 and another at 20:30
You can choose the timetable that suits you better.
And if by any chance you can't come on the day or the concert gets cancelled due to Corona, you will get your money back.
The concert will be recorded in audio and video.
See you there!
with love,
ps: by the way, if you want to listen to a bit of my music, just scan the QR code below ;)