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If you want do to a collaboration, please tell me about your project.  I can write bespoke music for your production or I can license music from my catalog. You can write me an e-mail rossanosnel at

or call me +49 1520 8519940 (Whatsapp / Telegram).

Here is a soundtrack I scored, for example. It was a feature documentary which is available worldwide on Netflix. I composed all the cues, arranged and orchestrated it. I played the piano and the synths and we recorded all other parts with musicians who played violin, cello, percussions, charango and acoustic guitar:

I write and produce music. Most of the music I composed was used for feature films, documentaries, animations and TV series. Here is my IMDB:


Projects I have worked on were presented at HBO, Netflix, arte, ZDF, ARD, Rede Globo, Canal Brasil, Globosat and in countries like USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil and Argentina.


I also composed and produced music for brands like Intel, BMW, Creator's Project, Red Bull, Fila, Würth, Bradesco, Ford, Deutsche Bahn, Puma, Instituto Moreira Salles, among others. As a pianist, my music walks through Minimalism, Expressionism and Latin and Brazilian influences, with an edge for ethereal soundscapes and emotinal harmonic progressions.


I already performed in stages in Brazil, Germany, Portugal, France and the UK. Right now I'm working on the release of my first record, which is planned for this year. I also like to do music for art projects, installations and to write songs for other artists. Music is my life.

with love,
ps: by the way, if you want to listen to a bit of my music, just scan the QR code below ;)
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