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16.07.2022 - getting ready for the concert with Berlinda Samba at Yorckschlösschen tonight. I will play the piano

07.07.2022 - The Floating Piano - on July 23rd we are doing a mini-festival on the waters of Berlin. There will be 4 shows on a floating platform on the Landwehrcanal (in the border of Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Treptow). Idea and concept by Sound Drifters Berlin, this event will be a part of Draussenstadt 

04.07.2022 - I am back to Berlin. Just got the videos from the concert in Taborkirche. The music and the official videos of the concert will be released soon

30.06.2022 - heading to Kassel for Documenta 15

27.06.2022 - today we are doing an Ableton music production workshop on a floating platform on the waters of the river Spree, in Berlin

21.06.2022 - Fête de la Musique in Berlin! I will put my Hammond organ on the balcony at the flat where I live in Frankfurter Allee and I will play

15.06.2022 - the first single of my Berlin collective LOOSE DRIVERS is out! The song is called MY DISGUISE, I helped to write it and produce it together with Tammy Ingram, Maria Laskowska, Julian Ganzer and Ilja Coric

14.06.2022 - we are preparing the raft for the music workshop on the waters of Berlin. The idea and concept is from Sound Drifters Berlin. The event will be a part of Draussenstadt and has the support of Ableton and it will happen on June 27th

07.06.2022 - just came back from Taborkirche, in Kreuzberg, where I am playing on Sunday 9th of June. The organ was sounding amazing!

04.06.2022 - heading to Eberswalde to play

25.05.2022 - Paris was great! Now back to Berlin to work on new productions for arte and for an eletronic music artist from Berlin

19.05.2022 - leaving for the weekend in Paris to play a gig at La Générale, in Paris. I will do the music live for the 16mm film of Melissa Dullius (Distruktur)

09.05.2022 - From May on, I am joining Ecotopia Festival at St. Thomas Kirche, in Mariannenplatz, Berlin Kreuzberg

25.04.2022 - I am working on a new soundtrack for a documentary for arte - France

12.04.2022 -
Ableton asked me, could you explain how you do a remix? I said yes.Now the results just came out!Check it out on this video specially made for Ableton Youtube channel.Invited to the Made in Ableton Live series, I show how I create a remix from scratch

08.04.2022 - my new track is out. Check it on Spotify or in your favourite streaming service

05.04.2022 - I finished a project for Ableton, the music software company based in Berlin. The results are coming on April 12th on the official
Ableton Youtube channel

01.04.2022 - a new song is coming out on April 8th on every streaming service: 10 Days of Snow (Sunshine remix)

25.03.2022 - recording with Berliner artist Mailan

19.03.2022 - my IMDB is updated! All the features, feature documentaries, TV series, animations, works I've done for Netflix, HBO, arte, ZDF, Canal Brasil are there. Check it out here

15.03.2022 - my new stickers arrived! Come to my next concert to get one for free

10.03.2022 - the first single of the Loose Drivers is coming out on April. I wrote the song and help to produce it, together with Julian Ganzer, Ilja Coric, Maria Laskowska and Tammy Ingram

08.03.2022 - the first EP of ARA is out! ARA is the artist name of Corinne, Berlin-based French artist. I had the pleasure to help Corinne on her first release, making the arrangements and playing the piano for her EP. Check it out here:

10.02.2022 - I've been busy working for Berlinale, the film festival of Berlin and one of the 5 most influential film festivals in the world

05.12.2021 - my music was used by Brazilian artist Paula Parisot on her performance for BienalSur in Buenos Aires

- Music I composed and produced with my music partner Stefan Eichinger was used on this arte production:

30.11.2021 - arrived in Brazil. Since 2019, I didn't have a chance to see my family, friends and to visit my hometown. I will stay here for 2 months now

28.11.2021 - my music boxes arrived! If you want to get one to yourself, please get in touch

08.09.2021 - happy to saw that I was invited for the bike ride concert on the old airport Tempelhof, in Berlin. We will ride on the old lanes of the airport and a bike with a platform will carry a piano in which I will play one. People follow with headphones on their own bikes. It's a silent concert and it will take place on September 12th, a Sunday

15.08.2021 - working on a new film project for the french TV channel arte

14.06.2021 - I am working with Berliner artist Maila N, helping her to compose and arrange her songs. Check out Maila's work here

04.06.2021 - happy to share that the French artist Corinne won a grant from Musicboard Berlin. I helped Corinne on her first EP with piano and string arrangements for her songs

04.05.2021 - premiered in HBO and HBO Latin America / Brazil the documentary series Slavery 21st Century (Escravidão Século XXI, in Portuguese). The TV series has 5 episodes of 1 hour and portraits real stories of people who were slaves nowadays in Brazil. It was directed by 2 times Oscar-nominee Bruno Barreto and Marcelo Santiago. All the original music was done by me. Ch 

28.03.2021 - I just released new music. It's an EP and it's called 10 Days of Snow. It was made during the snow season we had in Berlin in February 2021. Here you can find it on Spotify

05.02.2021 - I will be live today on instagram. Starts at 18:00 Berlin time. Follow me there to always get the new music releases

24.01.2021 - theBird (raw _01) is out!

08.01.2021 - My music - Water - is out on every streaming service. Check it out on Spotify here
This music is a reflection on the most precious thing there is on Earth, the water, and how I connected myself to it

16.12.2020 - The vinyl compilation Project 12, from Deutsche Grammophon is out! My music Sunday 23 is on the side A as the 1st track in the vinyl. Check it out on your favourite vinyl store or here

12.12.2020 - The Brazilian visual artist Leticia Ramos made an online artwork for Jeu de Paume, the art center for media and photography in Paris. I collaborated with a music composition for this interactive video installation called Null Island. You can access it online until January 2021

10.12.2020 - I was invited by Karlstorbahnhof to choose one music from the last 25 years and make a cover version of it to celebrate the 25 years of the prestigious cultural and arts center and music venue of Heidelberg. Here is what I did.

30.11.2020 - Tonight I will be joining the Walter-Serner-Preis für Kurzgeschichten 2020 - Preisverleihung an Peter Zemla. The winner story written by Peter Zemla happens on a bar and for the occasion I was invited by Literaturhaus Berlin to perform on the virtual bar where the ceremony takes place. Wih Nadine Kreuzahler and Anne-Dore Krohn (rbb Kultur) and Janika Gelinek and Sonja Longolius (Li-Be). Laudatio by Kathrin Passig. It premieres tonight at 19:00 (Berlin time). Check it here

26.11.2020 - If you speak Portuguese, I had a talk with the Brazilian composer Rodrigo Lima. We talked about EMESP (Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo) the Brazilian music school situated in São Paulo, where I studied composition from 2012 until 2015 and where Rodrigo is a teacher. We also talked about my music 'Sunday 23' that was released by Deutsche Grammophon and about living and working with music in Berlin, Germany - city where I live. Check it here.

12.11.2020 - Today I would do my concert THE FIRE IN THE FOREST at Ölberg-Kirche in Berlin. Unfortunately, like every other concert in the city, the event is cancelled. Actually not cancelled, but postponed. A new date is gonna be defined and we will do it in 2021. Thank you very much for all the interest and support I got in the last month while promoting it. It was really important to me.

06.11.2020 - It's out! Listen now to the original soundtrack of the documentary feature Marias. Here you find it on Spotify.

04.11.2020 - This Friday, November 6th, comes to all the streaming services the soundtrack of Marias. The film was available worldwide on Netflix.
03.11.2020 - I am joining Most Wanted : Music festival in Berlin

30.10.2020 - I just did music for the podcast Secret Place Berlin, from my good friend Lacy Barry - check it out here

25.10.2020 - If you are in Berlin on November 12th, save the date! I will play a concert at Ölberg-Kirche, in Kreuzberg.
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