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This is a selection of the works I did for cinema, TV and content in general.

I already wrote music for many different feature films, documentaries, TV series and animations. These projects were exhibited at HBO, Netflix, arte, ZDF, ARD, Canal Brasil and in countries like USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil and Argentina.
Here you can find some of the films and TV series I did the music for.
There is also footage from art performances, installations and art films in which I collaborated.


Selected for Annecy Film Festival 2018:

Winner of best film and best soundtrack on Festival dos Sertões - Brazil, 2017

Animation, short

Directed by Gal Alvernaz and produced by Oca Animation

I did the original music of this film.


13 episodes fiction TV series

Directed by Henrique Goldman and Marcela Lordy

On this project I did all the original music and the music production.


Documentary film for SWR and arte

90 Min.

Directed by Rolf Lambert

Along Mekong Productions

Music by Stefan Eichinger, Steffen Neuert and Rossano Snel

Uma e Meia

Music performance inside the site-specific art installation Sala de Espera, from brazilian artist Carlito Carvalhosa.

Made in collaboration with the artist

Museu de Arte Contemporânea, São Paulo - Brazil

Ano Branco

Art film by Luiz Roque

Bienal de Arte Contemporânea de Porto Alegre - Brazil

A Novela das 8 (Primetime Soap)

Feature film

Directed by Odilon Rocha

Produced by Querosene Filmes.

Music by Tita Lima and Rossano Snel

Orchestration by Rossano Snel

Winner of best original script at Festival do Rio - 2011

Der Neckar

Documentary film for SWR and arte

Along Mekong Productions

Directed by Rolf Lambert

Music by Stefan Eichinger, Steffen Neuert and Rossano Snel

Inventores do Brasil

13 episodes documentary TV series

Directed by Bruno Barreto

On this project I did all the original music and the music production


Music for the motion picture Vostok, from Brazilian artist Letícia Ramos.

The music of this project was also released on vinyl.

And the film was presented with live soundtrack on the 19th Videobrasil Festival, at SESC Pompéia - São Paulo, Brazil, in October 2015

Borscht - A Russian Recipe

Short documentary film

Directed by Marina Quintanilha

Produced by Andara Filmes

I did the soundtrack of the film.

Two sisters and their husbands fled from the Russian Revolution and Nazi Germany to Brazil. In the 1960s, they shared a house in São Paulo. "Borscht - a russian recipe" tells the true story of two identical twins who married the same man, and a fascinating family, which still retells and seeks to understand the ironies and mysteries of their origins.

Winner of  Best Short Documentary (official jury) Melhor Documentário Curta-Metragem (Júri Oficial)

The Creator`s Project - NYC Recording Session

Teaser of the exhibition with live soundtrack during the festival Videobrasil


Music I composed for the documentary Marias (available on Netflix worldwide). Recorded by brazilian artist Maria Gadú.


Feature film
Directed by Marcio Garcia

Underart - CIRCOS Festival Internacional de Circo SESC 2015

B-orders Palestinian Circus School - CIRCOS Festival Internacional de Circo SESC 2015

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