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Hi, I used to be a law student. I used to be an employee not seeing much sunlight sitting down on a chair waiting for orders.


I used to be a DJ, a musician for a jazz group, a piano player on retired people residency.

I tried to be an electronic technician student and I also tried to skateboard, both with not much success.

Many things happened in my life until I decided to assume what I love the most: to play, to write (and sometimes to teach) music.

I started playing piano at 8 years old and a few years later I was already composing some simple melodies. I think probably the love for simple melodies stayed.

I was born in the South of Brazil in 1985. I lived in São Paulo for a while until finding my home in Berlin.

If you wanna listen to my music, you can find it here on my site and also on Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, AppleMusic and so on. I have released in different music labels such as Strings and Hopes Berlin and Deutsche Grammophon.

I write and produce music. Sometimes for other artists, sometimes for films and art projects and most of the time for myself. Most of the music I composed was used for feature films, documentaries, animations and TV series. These music pieces were presented at HBO, Netflix, Arte, ZDF, ARD, Canal Brasil and in countries like the USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil and Argentina.

I live and work by Frankfurter Tor, in the neighborhood of Friedrichshain, in Berlin.

And by the way, we can speak in Portuguese, English, Spanish or German ;)

If you want to contribute to my work, you can donate to my PayPal account on the button above.
Thank you very much for the support!
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