Greetings from Berlin, Friedrichshain

I'm a composer and pianist from Brazil, based in Berlin.

If you wanna listen to my music, you can find it here on my site and also in Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, AppleMusic and so on. I have releases in different music labels such as Strings and Hopes Berlin, Deutsche Grammophon, Running Back, Exploited and Get Physical.

I write and produce music. Most of the music I composed was used for feature films, documentaries, animations and TV series. Projects I have worked on were presented at HBO, Netflix, arte, ZDF, ARD, Canal Brasil and in countries like USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil and Argentina.

I live and work by Frankfurter Tor, in the neighborhood of Friedrichshain, in Berlin.

As a pianist, my music walks through Minimalism, Expressionism and Latin and Brazilian influences.  I already performed in stages in Brazil, Germany, Portugal and Holland. Right now I'm working on the release of my first record, which is planned for this year.

I also like to do music for art projects, installations and to write songs for other artists.

Music is my life.







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